We are talking about the realization of an art project in Accra (Ghana).

You could tell this "Cross-Over-Art". In this connection there will be produced new artworks with the help of European and Ghanaian techniques and materials. And in the End you can maybe have some kind of "Cross Over Art".


Who we are?

We are "inaktion", an office community consisting of 4 successful companies in the field of creativity: graphic, film, web, facade Art and music. In these areas of activity, we have been working for more than 7 years for different clients throughout Germany. For an insight in our previous work, visit:

On request of Nii Osabu Akwei I (King of the Greater Accra Region) we liked the idea of a project in Africa to bring our creativ work on a new and higher level.

Our knowledge and skills in the various fields of Graphic consistent with the Ghanaian tropics and the urban areas of Accra
- The birth of the project "White Elephant".


A white elephant is a possession which its owner cannot dispose of and whose cost, particularly that of maintenance, is out of proportion to its usefulness. In modern usage, it is an object considered without use or value for its owner but maybe useful for another person.

So the white elephant normally is an precious object, which is entered in in the possession of another person. With the benefits for the new and the discharge of the former owner, there is an added value for both people.

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The basic idea of the project is that there are many people with items at home they don't need any longer but these objects are to good to throw them away.

Bild Idee

So people will send us these items and we will carry them to Accra.

Locally they are required to create different artworks. Maybe a sculpture arises out of an object, or the item serves as the model to a painting or maybe one of the objects becomes a tool which helps to create a new piece of art.

Everthing is documented by film, photography, in writing and verbal and will be presented to the world in the social media and at our website.
Every item is a white elephant.


The area of Accra is dominated by religious and political conflicts, the electric landfill (Agbogbloshie) and it's still a third world country. People are divided in their opinions. Thanks to the new media and the look to Europe, especially in the youth, the desire for connectedness and uniqueness, for Society and exchange, for peace and a better world, is growing.

In order to create an added value for the region, we combine our art with messages for the country and people: "Unity in Diversity."

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For inspiration we'll visit different local institutions in Accra. Nii Osabu Akwei I (King of the Greater Accra Region) and Doris Grewe (social worker from Germany) are considered to be the persons who'll guide us through the region and introduce us to the institutions. This will lead to new ideas and more input for our own work.

Art is a medium and an activity, which arises out of itself and requires no contract! So it is important, in spite of all religious or political influences, to keep our work neutral. The strict separation of our time in "visits / calls" and "Art" we will leave us enough space for creativity.

None of the artworks must necessarily convey a message!

Karte Senegal

In this project a variety of media meshes and provides our creative work an optimal platform on many channels.

The artworks, photography, 2 Exhibitions (Accra / Germany)

A Blog (Diary), Reporting on the social media, a documentary of our journey, many short spots to the different artworks, a website of the project, various photo posts, building up a community

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Those who sponsor such an object must be understood, that the item is now "away" for him and in our possession. We can handle and use the item in a way we like to do.

The sponsor can follow his object on our site and in the social media. He will see what will be created with his object and where it will happen.
Only a limited number of items will be used for the project (because of time, costs and transport).
The object may only have a predetermined size and weight. Please ask for more information.

Why should someone send us such an object?

In case of publication or exhibition of the finished work of art, the owner of the object stays free admission for the whole exhibition.

Each sponsor of an object, gets paid a prepared canvas of us with the picture of the resulting work of art or the artwork itself or photographs from Ghana (Accra).

Possibly we take back the item as artwork or at least in a modified form, color or function. It depends on weight, type and size of the artwork.

There are plenty of films, photographies and documentations of the project.

We would like to welcome you beeing a part of this project by sending us an object of your choice. Because, like the white white elephant, we can create an added value for us and for you! You will help us realizing our project.

If you are interested, call us at:

0176 / 211 23 220 (Ivo)
0179 / 61 94 562 (Felix)


We are always willing to talk about the project... Thank You!

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The developed ideas and proposals are the intellectual property of inaction office community. Unauthorized use, total or partial reproduction and any disclosure to third parties is prohibited in accordance with § 18 UWG.

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