We are "inaktion", an office community consisting of 4 successful companies in the field of creativity: graphic, film, web, facade Art and music. In these areas of activity, we have been working for more than 7 years for different clients throughout Germany.

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Amidou Badji

Felix Seliger-Büssow

Born in 1977 in Berlin he starts at an early age to use pen and paper as a type of expression.

Since then he has been working with pencil, brush or spray on a variety of projects. It doesn't matter if he uses paper, canvas or facades as tool for his art. His main subject is the realism. Int the year 2005 he becomes self-employed with his music label "Kolonne-Ost" and the creative agency "idealarts" and it grows to an agency for facade art and advertising. In 2013 he was awarded for the best Business idea by the "Kreativradar Brandenburg".

Amidou Badji

Stefan Schwarz

Stefan was born in Strausberg, 1984, calls himself "ofer b." and is a musician for about 1999th.

In 2008 he completed a three-year media design degree with a diploma. From then on he toured with different bands through Germany. 2 years later he absolved a further education in 3D design and special effects (films).
To be able to express himself in all artistic fields, he learned 2012, the programming of professional web pages. In may 2013 he founded the advertising and web design agency
"Das Schwarz Design". Stefan will take care of the social media and the blog of the project.

Amidou Badji

Sven Kaiser

Born in 1987 in Frankfurt (Oder), he early learned how to put colors on different surfaces to create own compositions.

In 2006 he completed his professional training as a media designer and starts in August with the creative agency "idealarts". Rapidly he specialized himself in façade design using Graffiti. In 2013 he was awarded for the best Business idea by the "Kreativradar Brandenburg". With a favour for Surrealism he loves to put realistic objects in a surrealistic context. For this reason all means are acceptable.

Amidou Badji

Ivo Sagrauske

Ivo was born in Strausberg, 1984, lives in Berlin and is a communications designer with specializing in the areas of film, motion design and photography.

After his studies he worked for 5 years in the media and advertising industry and since 2013 he is the CEO of "knxgrafix". Ivo is also strongly committed to the White Elephant project and will be responsible for the entire film and photo shooting on location as well as the post production of all shooted footage.


Doris Grewe and Nii Osabu Akwei I

Naa Tsitse Atsereku I and Nii Osabu Akwei I

Naa Tsitse Atsereku I / Doris Grewe is a studied civil engineer and today a very engaged social worker in different projects. In 2013 she starts teaching on a High and Vocational School in Ghana for 6 month. She lives in Strausberg but is now proud queen of the Ga tribe in Ghana visiting the country as often as it is possible.

Nii Osabu Akwei I is the King of the Ga Tribe in Ghana. The Ga represent 8% of the rural population and tho most of them are living in the region of Accra. He works in a field/function of a major for this tribe.

both are keen to realize this art project in Ghana. They are our local contacts.